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Task 2 Essay: Eating Local Food (NEW)

Question: Many foods are shipped from far away. Some people think that eating local food is more environmentally and economically beneficial. Do you think the advantages outweigh its disadvantages?

Band 8+ Sample Answer:

(Intro) Many people argue that consuming locally grown produce is beneficial in terms of the environment and economy. Although I agree that these outweigh the potential drawbacks of using local food, we need to maintain a cautious approach.

(Body 1) Some people may point out the environmental and economic risks of over-relying on local food. Firstly, in some countries, local farmers use some techniques to grow out-of-season crops, which might be more detrimental to the environment than importing them from overseas. This is because growing unseasonal crops usually requires extra pesticides and herbicides which can contaminate the air, soil and water. Secondly, a move to consume more local food may pose an economic challenge for some underdeveloped countries whose economies mainly depend on exporting agricultural products.

(Body 2) Despite this, the economic and environmental credentials of eating domestic food are clear. Environmentally, choosing local food is more likely to reduce food miles, which saves energy and declines the amount of poisonous exhaust fumes released into the atmosphere, which also contribute to climate change. Economically, the purchase of domestically-produced food creates more stable employment opportunities for the indigenous population, thereby increasing living conditions and disposable incomes, which in turn stimulate consumer spending. This are all crucial factors for economic growth.

(Conclusion) In conclusion, although eating more local produce is hugely beneficial, we need to be ensure local food is produced sustainably throughout the year and protect fragile economies that rely on exports. (235 words)

Words: Student essay, corrected & upgraded by Nick Kemp, former IELTS examiner.

Image: Falco Negenman / Unsplash


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