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Task 2 Essay: Economic Growth and Social Values

Question: Many countries aim to improve their living standards by economic development, but some important social values are lost as a result. Do you think the advantages of economic development outweigh disadvantages?

Band 8+ Sample Answer:

(Intro) In an attempt to raise people's well-being, the debate about whether the government is giving too much attention to economic aspects that they neglect social ones has attracted much attention. From my standpoint, although it is undeniable that such a bias is not without drawbacks, I believe the benefits of financial stability are more significant.

(Body 1) On the one hand, a strong economy will lay a foundation for improved living standards because it provides individuals with ample job opportunities. When there is an increasing demand for jobs as a result of a dynamic economy, people are more likely to enjoy better financial security, which is a basis for a better life. Therefore, they would have more money at their disposal, and thus be more willing to invest in education, entertainment and health care for themselves and their children. This rise in spending habits would inevitably support the economy to grow in return.

(Body 2) On the other hand, there is a possibility that some crucial social values may be lost at the expense of a sole focus on economic development. One example is the loss of social cohesion. This is because when a country grows too fast, the wealth gap among its citizens is inevitably widened. Such inequality in wealth distribution may lead to problems such as social unrest. In addition, economic growth can lead to a rise in living costs, which can lead to work becoming more demanding. This means employees often have to compromise family time for their work commitments, which explains why the fracture of family bonds has become a common issue in today’s world, especially when both parents feel compelled to work full time, which is a recent trend in big cities across Vietnam.

(Conclusion) In conclusion, notwithstanding the possible threats that an excessive focus on economic development may pose to social inclusiveness as a whole and healthy relationships within families, I believe that such a decision made by the government is wise since it offers financial means for its people, and thus paves way for further development. However, I would recommend the authorities pay attention to improving the living conditions of those in deprived regions so that everybody is given the equal chance to a better life. (368 words)

Words: Student essay, corrected & upgraded by Nick Kemp, former IELTS examiner.

Image: Nattanan Kanchanaprat / Pixabay.


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