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Task 2 Essay: The Cost of Road Systems

Question: As the number of cars increases, more money has to be spent on road systems. Some people think the government should pay for this. Others, however, think that the user should cover the costs. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

Band 8+ Sample Answer:

(Intro) People have different views on who should be responsible for road building and maintenance costs owing to the increasing number of cars. While it can be argued that car users should shoulder these costs, I maintain that wealthy governments must be charged.

(Body 1) On the one hand, commuters could be asked to pay for road construction projects as they would be the chief beneficiaries.This is because their journeys would be faster and more comfortable due to the expansion and enhancement of road conditions / infrastructure. For example, the new highway that connects Hanoi and Ha Long saves drivers about two hours each way, allowing them to enjoy a smooth road surface that has been upgraded to meet European standards.

(Body 2) Despite the above, I contend that only the government is financially capable of covering the huge expenses involved in road systems. It is important to note that this involves the costs of land clearance, construction, supervision and operation, which appear to be far beyond the income received through fees and tolls. If we rely only on these contributions from individual commuters, these important projects will be delayed considerably. Therefore, they should be funded by national budgets which have billions of dollars originating from taxes, profits of state companies, and state services.

(Conclusion) In conclusion, although road users who directly benefit from these improvements might be asked to bear the cost, I believe that governments should be ultimately responsible due to their enormous financial capability. In my opinion, governments must also act urgently, speeding up the road construction projects to alleviate the perennial problem of traffic jams and road accidents. (266 words).

Words: Student essay, corrected & upgraded by Nick Kemp, former IELTS examiner.

Image: Wei Zhu / Pixabay.


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