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Task 2 Essay: Declining Animals and Plants

Question: The number of plants and animals is declining. What are the reasons? Suggest some solutions.

Band 8+ Sample Answer:

(Intro) There has been a decline in the quantity of flora and fauna on earth in recent times. The reasons for this vary, including the deforestation and climate change. However, some solutions are available to tackle this issue.

(Body 1) To begin with, the decrease in the number of plants and animals can be ascribed to several causes. Chief among them is the illegal logging conducted by people, which leads to the loss of various types of plants. As a result, animals also die because of the lack of food and shelter that trees provide. As well as this, climate change is also a major culprit. With the effects of global warming, the weather has become unpredictable, and consequently poses a great threat to living organisms. Many animals and plants struggle to withstand resulting inhospitable climatic conditions or extreme weather events, and are therefore dying out.

(Body 2) However, some workable solutions can be adopted to alleviate this issue. The first thing that governments can do is to launch some public information campaigns to educate people on the importance of animals and plants. When they are aware of the vital role animals and vegetation play in human lives, they may participate in preserving them. What is more, strict punishments should be properly enforced to deter people from harming and killing particular plant and animal species . Finally, it is also a good idea to take some sustainable steps to mitigate the main cause of climate change. By reducing activities such as burning fossil fuels, which increase the amount of carbon released into the air, people can help to slow down global warming and subsequently keep temperatures favourable for wildlife to survive.

(Conclusion) In conclusion, a drop in the number of plants and animals can be attributed to climate change and deforestation, but to ameliorate the problem, increasing public awareness, passing more stringent laws and combating global warming should be taken into consideration. Given the dire situation, I suggest that governments act immediately in order to protect more plants and animals from extinction. (336 words).

Essay: Student Essay by Lucas Nguyen, fully corrected and upgraded by Nick Kemp, former IELTS Examiner.

Image: Pixundfertig / Pixabay.


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