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Task 2 Essay: Famous Brands

Question: More and more people want to buy famous brands of clothes, cars and other items. What are the reasons? Do you think it is a positive or negative development?

Band 8+ Sample Answer:

(Intro) It is true that an increased number of people desire to purchase famous brands of clothes, cars and other items. There are several explanations for this trend and from my perspective, shopping for well-known products is generally negative.

(Body 1) The root causes of the tendency to buy recognised brands are no doubt diverse. First and foremost, many people hold a belief that famous brands universally provide consistent, high-quality experiences for their customers, meaning that upon purchasing products and services from these companies, they can be certain that their money has been well-spent. The iPhone is a good example of this. Fans of Apple generally believe that the iPhone is more durable and cutting-edge than other smartphones currently sold on the market. Another reason would be FOMO, the fear of missing out on the latest trends. Famous brands are usually connected with the newest styles, and therefore some people think that if they fail to follow these trends, they could be considered unsophisticated.

(Body 2) From my point of view, this trend is disadvantageous for the market and young people. To begin with, let’s Imagine if people just used famous brands. It would be extremely difficult for new businesses to emerge, not to mention develop. This would lead to a lack of necessary competition (competitors) which is normally a boost to natural product development. In addition to this, feeling under pressure to buy famous and high-priced products can make people suffer from mental health issues. A good example of this is that many young people nowadays can experience high levels of anxiety as they struggle to keep up with their peers, and may be constantly under pressure about being judged for not buying brands and products which are currently in vogue.

(Conclusion) In conclusion, brand reputation and peer pressure may explain why so many people opt for famous brands. In my opinion, this is generally harmful to innovation in the market and may inflict stress on people’s lives. (323 words)

Essay: Student Essay, fully corrected and upgraded by Nick Kemp, former IELTS Examiner.

Image: DariusZSankowski / Pixabay.


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