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Task 2 Essay: Children and Extended Families

Question: It is better if an extended family (for example, aunts, uncles, grandparents) are involved in a child’s upbringing than just parents alone. Do you agree or disagree?

Band 8+ Sample Answer:

(Intro) Family structures have always played a key role in the development of a child. Some people argue that the engagement of other immediate relatives in the process of child-rearing is more likely to bring about more benefits than just the parents. I agree with the statement due to the financial and emotional support parents can receive, although some conflicts may arise.

(Body 1) To begin with, It is true that too many people being involved in educating and nurturing a child may engender disagreements. In other words, family members from different generations may have different views about the most appropriate methods to raise a kid, which may result in clashes. As the phrase goes, ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’. For example, older Vietnamese women tend to adopt traditional remedies gained from word-of-mouth, for ailments such as a cold while modern ones are more inclined to follow/use scientifically-proven methods. Therefore, if the child grows up in an inharmonious environment, he or she may suffer from stress.

(Body 2) Having said that, raising a child in a larger family can help to alleviate financial burdens on new parents. It stands to reason that monthly bills such as rent and food can be commonly shared with other family members. The parents; as a result, would save more money to provide better education and entertainment for their children. Moreover, busy parents can actually take advantage of the available childcare support from grandparents or aunts and uncles. In that way, they can not only fulfil their work commitments but also ensure a safe environment for their offspring to develop. Furthermore, senior members of the family can be a great source of inspiration and advice for small children, and close contact with them can enrich the child's perspective.

(Conclusion) In conclusion, the positive effects of raising children in a family with more than two generations outweigh its downsides thanks to the rich input for the child and an ease of economic burden on the parents. This kind of family structure can be ideal for busy and financially unstable parents; however, for those with more economic mobility, they may consider other options. (352 words)

Words: Student essay, corrected & upgraded by Nick Kemp, former IELTS examiner.

Image: Sasin Tipchai / Pixabay.


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