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Task 2 Essay: Natural Animal Extinction

Question: Some people think it is the natural process for animals to become extinct, so there is no need to protect them. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Band 8+ Sample Answer:

(Intro) Many people believe that there is no point in protecting animals from extinction as it is a process that occurs naturally. I totally disagree with this point of view and will discuss the issue in the following essay.

(Body 1) In my opinion, it is not a natural process, but rather human activities that push many animal species to the verge of extinction. To begin with, due to the problem of overpopulation, enormous areas of forests have been cut down to make way for more residential areas and farming spaces. As a result, some terrestrial animals cannot find anywhere else to live, while others find it difficult to adapt to a new environment. This would put these species at a higher risk of extinction. We can see this in the case of tigers, which are critically endangered, and other big cats. Furthermore, the delicate balance of the ocean ecosystems is being severely damaged by over-fishing. As the number of fish species declines significantly, the food chain is also adversely affected, which might lead to the extinction of some other marine animals such as vaquitas, dolphins and seals.

(Body 2) I am of the opinion that it is imperative to protect animals owing to the fact that their disappearance can have catastrophic effects on the number one predator at the top of the food chain: us. For example, the decline in the number of sharks in the US has given rise to the widespread occurrence of cow nose rays, which puts shellfish in danger of extinction. Consequently, the fishing industry in this country would be negatively affected, resulting in a serious lack of seafood for Americans. As another glaring example, due to the falling number of lions in sub-Saharan Africa, the population of baboons has been on the increase, which has damaged crop production in this area on an unprecedented scale.

(Conclusion) In conclusion, I completely disagree with those who claim that the extinction of animals happens naturally. In fact, it is clear that humans are the main culprit behind this phenomenon. Therefore, it is up to humanity to reverse the mass extinction we currently find ourselves in, for the sake of every species in the food chain, especially us. (364 words).

Essay: Student Essay, fully corrected and upgraded by Nick Kemp, former IELTS Examiner.

Image: 12019 / Pixabay.


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